Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why I've Been Busy!

Okay, all my friends and family. Here is why I haven't been writing the way that I should. I've fallen in love! Here you find the objects of my affection:

Cuervo Sebastion was given his first (and used) name when the few first times he meowed, he sounded like a crow cawing. If we had to rename him today though, we'd probably have to call him "squeaky." Cluny is Cluny Camille, named after, well, that's obvious, and the Camille is from my niece. I do use both names for her. She seems to be a bit older than Cuervo; she is a bit bigger, but still a kitten.
The two cats are unrelated, but get along very well together. They love to play although at first I was afraid that they were fighting since Cluny likes to make a lot of noise. However, I soo n learned that she was the aggressor most of the time. She sneaks up on Cuervo, then does a backflip and lies there as though she is helpless (ha!) while Cuervo unwittingly attacks.
Both cats are in love with my laptop; they want to chase the cursor. They know they aren't supposed to walk on the laptop, so they will lie on my lap with their heads where the mousepad is (I use a real cordless mouse though, but sometimes they do give me a bit of inteference.DH was extremely happy because they both took to Darwin's old spot immediately; they also both regard his sink as their own private drinking fountain and get a bit perturbed when there isn't water in it. Darwin must have left a sign around somewhere that said,"Fresh drinking water this way" because they both slurped up the water without any prompting and have been going `there ever since. Oh, the little backwards apostrophe that you see in front of the word "there" in the sentence before is Cluny's contribution. She's just joined me, and had to step on one key at least to see what would happen. (The first day they both stepped on so many that my laptop shut down and when I turned it on again, all, ALL, my bookmarks were erased!

Well, Dakota, Darwin, we miss you, and thought you'd like to know what was going on here. I hope you both are having fun in the big city while these country cats stay close to home!
By the way, they have found "mousie", you know, that yellow furry mouse with the long tail that got lost a long time ago. Mousie suddenly reappeared and we still don't know where he's been. But he must have been to a spa because he's very active now!