Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dreaming of French Rooms

French room decor
 I often sit and think about French rooms, simply because I find them so beautiful, so comforting, so timeless. Some of these I may have posted before, and some are not located in France or totally French, but all these rooms have a certain French sensibility to them.
Above, simple, elegant curtains, a French armoire, a gorgeous chandelier - it's all very French!
Below, a French sensibility with wonderful dining chairs that look comfortable as well as chic and a wonderful sofa for after-dinner chats.
french room
 The mirror over the mantle is so very French.  I love blue and white china in a white room.
french living room
  Below, another mantle over the fireplace, and though this room is in England, French touches give it a sophistication it would otherwise lack.
french room decor
 The wallpaper is divine, the chandelier sparkling and the blue is a wonderful sweet shade that is always in style. Although the room is in England, it gets it glamour from French touches.
decorating trends
 I've shown this before, but this French bedroom shows just how wonderful my favorite peach color can be!
french bedroom
 Very feminine, this French bedroom looks as though it would be perfect for a young lady.
french bedroom
 Another blend of English and French bedroom decor is the bedroom below.  English comfort and French style are a great mix!
french bedroom pink
 A simple bedroom is so very French.  Look how comfortable the bed looks!
French bedroom

Saturday, November 09, 2013

On My Mind: Bed Coronas and Half-Canopies

Traditional Kids by Menlo Park Architects & Designers MC3 Design Studio
I adore coronas or a half-canopy or basically anything drapery-related above a bed.  But there is something that is so regal, so French, about a corona.  Sometimes referred to as a "half-canopy", a corona is often a half-circle, oval, round, or curved shaped apparatus used for bed hangings above the headboard of the bed. One of the simplest coronas is in the picture, above, a simple wreath-like oval garland of metal with rods on the inside to hang the curtains. I love this sort of corona because it is simple and because the emphasis can be on the beautiful material and trims that you have.  I especially favor the look where the inside is a solid color and the outside is a print or floral although the other way around is nice as well.  This corona is very French to me because it is used with a sleigh bed and it's not at the top of the headboard but at the side of the bed which is placed against a wall.
     Below, coronas look great with twin beds, or in this case, with twin cribs.  These ornate coronas use a striped silk material with a solid interior.  This corona has a pleated valance that looks quite ornate and is trimmed with thick fringe trim. Look at that wonderful chandelier! (I don't really know that I care for a dust ruffle that puddles quite that much in a child's room however).
Traditional Kids by Garden Grove Photographers V.I.Photography & Design
   Above, a pretty girl's bedroom gets its feminine touch from a balloon shade style corona.
Traditional Bedroom by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators William R. Eubanks Interior Design, Inc.
   Above is one of my all time favorites: this elegant design features a print on the inside of the hangings and a solid that matches the curtains on the outside.  The design is very elegant with an understated edging and the more elaborate fringe trim on the curtains only. 
   Below, the yellow and blue combination is perfect for the bedroom since it is both sunny and soothing.  The wreathed, scalloped corona here has simple hangings with an outer print that matches the curtains.
Eclectic Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Timothy Corrigan, Inc.
   Below, half canopies look great above larger beds where a corona may be too small.  
   The valance part, if there is one, can be tailored to match the room whether the room's decor is modern, transitional, or traditional. The treatment immediately below is certainly not overly fussy!
Traditional Bedroom by Pepperell Window Treatments The Seamstress Shop
    Above, the silk is beautiful and this treatment shows that it is not necessary to have a lining for a pretty corona.
   Below, one of my favorite rooms ever! The half-canopy has an elegant design; the headboard accentuates the curtains with its contrasting print, and the whole effect is lush and comfortable.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Snow for Spring?

I've wanted snow all this winter, and just about the time I think I'll give up and get ready for spring, news comes of a snowstorm that is supposed to be here tomorrow night! I can't wait.

  I can work on jewelry forever when it snows - or just sit and look out the window watching the Washington Monument disappear from view. And I have my kitties to keep me warm!
What I've been working on.