Thursday, April 12, 2012

French Room Decor: Real French Dining Rooms

Today, here is a look at beautiful French dining rooms, breakfast rooms, and eat-in kitchens.  From the French country dining room to the elegant French city rooms with their crystal chandeliers, French dining rooms are a gathering place in French homes where families and friends spend their time enjoying delicious food, conversation, and the elegant table appointments.
  Above, this dining room is in France although it reminds me of many breakfast rooms I've been in in Portugal and Brazil with the lovely blue and white decor and white walls above the wainscote.
Dining room decorating ideas
Above, pretty wallpaper, linen curtains and bay windows make this French country dining room especially beautiful. Imagine breakfasting here!
 Below, the love of French colour manifests itself in this dining room with green walls and accents of deep pink.
Decorating French Country

French country dining room
Above, a gallery wall adds interest to this dining room with modern elements like a concrete floor and industrial style table.
 Below, look at the wall and molding colours!  The elegant chandelier hangs over an oval table and formal French style chairs. Look at the gorgeous chevron-style floor.
Dining room decorating ideas
Below, this French country dining room uses the bright yellow and red tile floors of Provence, but  adds modern elements such as the lighting fixtures.  The fireplace is wonderful.
French country dining room
Below, one of my favorite mixes of formal French elements such as the chairs and elegant china within a rustic setting. The walls look ancient (and most likely are) while wire baskets are against one wall and an elegant tapestry screen stands in the corner.
French Style Decor

French Country Dining Room
If you really want a French flavor in your own home, check out the unfinished looking French floors in so many French rooms whether formal or casual.
Below, look at the wonderful coral wall!
French Country Dining Room

French Room Decor
Below, one of my favorite eat-in kitchens in the French style. The deep peachy walls are gorgeous with the tile in back of the stove and blue-grey cabinets.  In many older French kitchens you will see fabric used to cover the lower cabinets which do not have doors.
French Kitchen Decor


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These are So beautiful, but it's the second one that took my breath awwy...simple gorgeous!

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