Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blue Rooms: Classic Beauty No Matter What Style

blue living room
 Ah, the many shades and hues of blue.  They are all beautiful, and blue rooms are true classics. If you have white walls or grey walls and you are looking for a change, consider the humble color blue. It is instantly calming, can be vibrant or soft and subtle, and suits all furniture and design styles whether lush Old World or spare minimalism modern.
 Not sure what to use with it? Try doing a monochromatic blue and let natural accessories to the room such as books add extra color.  Look at the wonderful library below! Do you really need more colors? And molding painted blue is gorgeous!
blue library
 Use blue with crisp white or with cream, 2 classic combinations.
 The hall below is perfect.
blue hall
 Artwork is beautiful on a blue background.   Below, the blue and gold combination is an oft-used scheme in traditional homes.
blue living room

blue decor
 Above, crisp white with a darker blue, very clean and classic.
 Below, a robin's egg shade of blue is appetizing for a dining room.
rooblue room
    Bathrooms in blue and white look clean and fresh.
blue bathroom
   Calming blue is perfect for the bedroom.
blue bedroom decor

decorating with blue and white
Notice the ginger jar below, an easy way to add blue and white to any room.
decorating with blue and white
I love the bedroom, below, with the ceiling painting blue and stenciled.
decorating with blue and white
Classic toile belongs in the bedroom, and is especially good for guest bedrooms.
blue toile bedroom

A blue and cream/white kitchen is pleasant to work in: not overly bright, not too dark. 
blue kitchen

blue kitchen
Love the kitchen below; perfect if your kitchen has plenty of light.
blue kitchen