Monday, April 02, 2012

English Decorating II

Whether contemporary or traditional, English style has certain common traits.  Above, the contemporary looking dining set is in a traditional style flat (c. 1820).  Look at that wonderful ceiling! Curtains are in a floral pattern and you can see the books to the lower left.  In the English style, books find a place all over the home, not just in a designated library.
Below, a living room full of books with the painting attached, English style, to the bookcase.
Photobucket Photobucket Above,the English are known for their beautiful draperies.  These curtains are layered and embellished with fringe and fringed tiebacks.  The ruffles at the top are both feminine and formal although the room, with its books stacked on a bench, flowers and patterned wallpaper, is very cosy and welcoming.
english-drawing-room Above, a standout coral colour  is echoed in the Persian rugs and pillows.  Multiple pictures are on the wall, shelves are full of books, and a cosy throw lies over the arm of the sofa. Crystal light fixtures add a grand touch.
Below, look at the molding! This room gets a special dollop of style from symmetrical arrangements: the mirrours, the chairs on either side of the fireplace, the mantle elements, even the arrangement on the coffee table.  Look at the far left for the touch of crystal.
english-drawing-room Photobucket Photobucket
Dining rooms are a must in the English home.  They may serve a dual purpose, but there is almost always a separate room with a table that will seat at least 6 for dinner.   Whatever the colour scheme, there are often books around somewhere, crystal lighting in some form, and chairs with cushions that are comfortable for sitting around the table long after dinner is over.
Below, a beautiful Murano candelabra is the centerpiece for the round table. Note the comfortable looking cushions.
Photobucket Photobucket
Above,  no matter what style, some things remain the same: books, comfortable seating, overhead chandelier.
Below, the most comfortable bedrooms in the world may be in the English style.  You will almost always see a chaise or a bench at the end of the bed.  If a bench, it is often stacked with reading material. A chaise almost always has a comfy throw for a quick nap.
More bedrooms:look at that gorgeous headboard!  Good lighting, wallpaper, and layered linens make this room apetitizing.
Photobucket Photobucket
Above,the canopy bed is elaborately dressed with cottons, silk, and matelasse. The curtains have two layers as well as fabric shade.  Blue and white is a colour the English use often.
Below, another English favorite bedroom colour is yellow (probably because of all those grey English days).  This time the bed has a half tester which matches the curtains.  A padded headboard has a matching dust ruffle. Both bed curtains and window curtains have a heavy fringe.
english decor Another yellow bedroom an added rope cord used to emphasize the lines of the room.  Plenty of pictures, pillows, family photos, and layered bed linens add to the warmth of the room.


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