Monday, March 26, 2007

Cluny Camillo & Cuervo Sebastian: Deux Chats Extraordinaire!

I know you've all been waiting for these. I believe that they are in chronological order. Just look at how these cats have grown!
The big news: Cluny Camille is Cluny Camillo!
Cluny is a boy!!! The vet happened to notice (happily) when we took him/her in to be spayed and he ended up neutered!
The pictures are over the last 3 months or so.

Cluny loves to stretch out! This is the way that he sleeps! Only he usually has his front legs over his head so that he's stretched out end to end!They do love each other most of the time!
They look so little here!Cluny has discovered how to go under the bed, then climb up the back of the headboard to get to where he sleeps - stretched out across the middle of the bed horizontally.

The bathroom belongs to the cats now. A favorite activity is throwing anything into the sink, and everything onto the floor - especially my hairbrush.

Look at those blue eyes! And at Cuervo's little pointed chin!

Cuervo is fascinated by water. A nice little steady stream can delight him for hours. (Of course, he drinks from the sink also.Of course, he'd prefer to drink straight from the faucet, and he often wistfully paws the knobs trying to turn the water on. If he ever learns how, we'll have a water bill from hell.

This is still Cuervo's favorite place to sleep - all night.
This morning, they were waiting for me. Cluny wanted me to SEE the hairbrush going on the floor, and Cuervo wanted the water turned on.
Doesn't this give you a new visual for "couch potato"?
Why Cluny is licking his lips, I've no idea unless he's doing it for the camera.
He does tend to pose, and he's very accustomed to getting his picture taken. Look at that lovely tiger-striped tail - he's so proud of it!
These cats are so clever, so beautiful, and so loving!
My life is now punctuated by the sound of purring; I measure time by the sound of kitty mews.