Saturday, December 24, 2005

Letter from Lisbon

Merry Christmas, Everyone! It is Christmas here already in Lisbon (2:00 a.m.) . Christmas Eve has been very busy, and I just got in yesterday. Stepped off the plane at 8:00 a.m., then stayed up all day (and I don't sleep on planes) visiting with John Davis, my son's "adopted" brother, and didn't go to bed until after 11:00 or 12:00. I slept great, even though that Angola airplane that leaves every morning awakened me, but it was the best awakening because I realized I was in Lisbon in a very comfortable bed and I didn't have to get up anytime soon. Bliss!
We saw "Narnia " in the afternoon. The talking animals which could have been cutesy weren't; they were just perfect. Of course, Disney made it a little "Disney-ish" in places where it should have had more a "Lord of the Rings" mood or that sense of realism (the snowy is beautiful, and no one gets red noses or really cold; I think the snow should have been frightening). Of course I know little children should be able to see this too. But when I remember reading the book in grade school one of the things that I remember is that there was a sense of harshness in the world (which children certainly understand) and indifference (which children definitely understand) that made what went on in Narnia important. But was right - and they could have done him badly but thankfully didn't.
I need to go to bed. Tomorrow we have first seating at a one-star restaurant that Son and Daughter-in-law went to 2 days ago and adored. They were with John who carried on a wonderful and knowledgable dialogue with the sommelier so that the wines were absolutely superb! I can't wait!

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