Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me, Illogical?

How Logical Are You?
Go take this test to see just how logical you are. Then, I'll tell you my score if you'll tell me yours!

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ann marie simard said...

Hi and thanks for saying "hi" Cluny... my word site is far more famous than the new one... I will take the test!

Ann Marie

ann marie simard said...

Right... I am fifty-fifty. Exactly so. I thought that with a Ph.D. one would fare better... harder than I thought...

And your score?

Ann Marie

ShyViolet said...

I got all four correct (without cheating). Yay me! It was kind of a fun test, thanks!

Carolyn said...

Cluny: I just can't believe that I got all 4 questions WRONG!!! And, I think that I am a reasonably intelligent person!! I guess that I must be illogical.

Tara said...

I took this test and got 2 out of 4 right. I guess for someone with no college or university education, that must be pretty good lol.

Either way it was a fun test. Thanks for posting it.

Here via BlogExplosion.

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