Friday, October 28, 2005

Travels with my Aunt

Want to have some real fun in life? Take a 17 year old boy (aka the ) to and where you will spend part of the time with your handsome son and devastatingly beautiful daughter-in-law in , travel to the beaches and sights in the surrounding areas, then rent a little car and the two of you go off to the and wander around the beaches and hills and cities of Spain. Wow! And you thought you had a life! By the way, if my sister ever reads the book or sees the movie - I'm in trouble!

Omigod! Gucci sunglasses! You mean you can SHOP on this flight?

(Uh,oh, the Armadillo can outshop the best of them! My purse feels lighter already!)(Trans-Air Portugal just after boarding our flight in Newark for Lisbon). Yes, that curly hair is natural.
Not a really long flight; leaves about 8:00 at night and you arrive at Lisbon at about 6:00 in the morning. You lose 6 hours along the way. Of course, after finally getting through Immigration, etc., we go to the apartment, but is there any rest for the weary? Of course, not! Luckily on the corner of the block is a little restaurant I like, appropriately enough
- which means - yes, Armadillo. is a funny thing, isn't it? And some people believe in coincidence!
A few hours of sleep, then Son and DIL come home from work; Son takes us downtown where the Armadillo is delighted no end because on his first night, someone actually sidles up to him and asks him (in Portuguese, which is really good) if he wants to buy some !
Now I ask you: Can Armadillos smile?
The answer is "Yes!"

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