Monday, January 02, 2006

Third Letter from Lisbon

Let me tell you what not to do when you are in another country and you want to make every minute count: get sick. I haven't had a cold for over 10 years, but last Tuesday I had the grandmother of all colds just to make up for it. I didn't get out of bed until Saturday, and then during a visit to , I got so overheated, I went to bed again when I got back to Son's. But though weak, I'm ready to go to the Chiado, Baixa or wherever, and I've got to make the next 4 days really count!
We're going to go out to lunch in a minute, and believe me, I am starved to death! Thank goodness I waited until after Christmas to get sick! I'm looking forward to some good Portuguese food, but not necessarily bacalhau (cod) as it is seldom fresh. During the last few days, I was too sick to work on , even read, so I am now going stir crazy.
Since it's Monday, all the museums are closed, but I may see if I can go to the and go to the Cathedral de Se, a Romanesque church that may be the oldest in the city.