Thursday, February 20, 2014

Loving Mario!

If I could have one person come to look at my townhouse and make suggestions decorating it, it would have to be Mario Buatta!  And these pictures are why.
Mario loves color; you won't find all beige and white here! Not only is he not afraid to use color, he's not afraid to mix colors either. Of course, I'm a huge fan of peach and I love the peach details on the bed and curtains above.  I love, love that scalloped dust ruffle!
Light and pale colors reign supreme in the pictures below.

bedroom decor Mario Buatta
mario buatta

Mario Buatta Interior Design

mario buatta
Crystal chandeliers and sconces are an important source of light and sparkle in Mario Buatta's rooms.  And he is a true lover of mirrors, using them in all shapes and sizes, and will cover walls with them.
elegant bedrooms
Above, I love the mirrors on either side of the bed.
mario buatta
Peach walls are my favorites.  I believe these are in Blair House.  The mirrored sconce between the twin beds is beautiful.  
Mario Buatta elegant bedrooms
master bedroom decorating ideas
Above, Mario Buatta believes in lush, sumptuous looking beds.  I love the bed crown in the room above. Details like the fringe trim on the hangings make a difference in the luxuriousness of the rooms. Look at that wonderful mirrored screen to the left of the bed.
Below, another wonderful canaopied bed. The checked curtains look great with the print on the bed. Silk covers the bedside table.
mario buatta elegant bedrooms

mario buatta elegant bedrooms
More canopied beds. Above, a funkier look with the unusual bed. The wood floors are painted.
Below, a bedroom looks like an English garden - or like a room in an English country house. 
mario buatta bedroom

master bedroom decorating ideas
I love the elements in the room above, including the curtain treatment.  I had almost the same curtains for years in my family room in our Arkansas house.
Below, tell me you wouldn't fall in love with this wonderful blue and white room.  That mirrored screen to the left of the bed is to die for! And I love the bit of whimsy on the end of the bed loveseat: a row of cat pillows! Buatta's bedside table are always practical; real life people can get what is needed on there: books, flowers, pens, tissues, a glass of water, lamp, etc.
More wonderful curtain treatments including the canopied bed.

Above, Buatta did Aileen Mehle's salon in gorgeous colors. With that wonderful furniture, the room's great proportions, and those curtains, I could live in this one room forever!
Below, you may not have seen the picture ribbons for awhile, but take them down and this room is still perfect for 2014. The furniture is classic; the paintings are amusing, and the sconces, mirrors, and screen add to the luxury of the mix.
Hmmm, what would Buatta do with my townhouse, I wonder, and its less than grand proportions?!
  Selected photos are from Architectural Digest.

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