Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dreaming of Bathrooms

beautiful bathroom in blue
  As the weather finally turns toward Spring, finally, I find myself wanting to change the townhouse somehow, but I find myself especially wanting to change colors and/or paint something - anything! The trouble is that I am drawn to the same colors over and over.  When I started looking at bathrooms today, I found that I am drawn to 2 colors: blue and peach/coral.  The only other bathrooms that don't fit in that category tend to be those that are made entirely of marble or stone.
Above, I am in love with this bathroom with its combination of gold and silver with blue, not to mention the touches of marble with bluish veining. The sconces are wonderful!
Below, this powder room is gorgeous because of that fantastic mirror!
powder room in black and white

blue and white bathroom
Above, how wonderful these Portuguese tiles are!  In Brazil and in Portugal, one of the most wonderful aspects of buildings and rooms are these Portuguese tiles. When my son lived in Lisbon, the three bathrooms were delightful because of the tiles (which also lined the balconies that were in front and in the back of their apartment). 
Below, the mirror is perfect, the color, the style, and the blue is rich and unexpected.
beautiful bathroom

beautiful bathroom with coral
Some people call the color above coral; I call it peach, and I love it.
coral bathroom

Above and below, I think the peachy coral colors in these two bathrooms are beautiful and so cheerful!
coral bathroom

Blue and white bathroom
Above, more of those delicious tiles! Blue and white is best. And I have got to get one of the extending lighted make-up mirrors for my own bath.
And below, the perfect bathroom because you really don't have to make many color decisions at all. The marble takes over and solves that decorating dilemma. The sconces are excellent.
marble bathroom

The bathroom vignette, below, is gorgeous because of the silver and the aged mirror tiles.
beautiful bathroom with chrome
The main thing about the bath is that it must be cheerful!


Lynne Halloran said...

Beautiful inspirations! You could get a piece to each and combine them all to build your dream bathroom. I love the second one; it looks magical with that fantastic mirror, though the room looked a little dark with all the glasses around it. Lynne, Suburban Glass

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